STARKHOUSE-CCN TRIP: Skills Outside School Foundation

Committed TO SYNERGY

February 8, 2018

After much deliberations on how to chart our course of events and visits for the next couple of days, our first stop was Skills Outside School Foundationan organization given to bridging the gap between Formal Education and the Requisite Skills required to put the knowledge acquired to a productive use in the society.
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The word disruption sounds like a mean word and the reason is because it is attributed to those who do things without the thought of being orderly and how the disorderliness affects people. There can always be a radical change in the way things are done but that does not suggest that it must be done callously without giving consideration to possibly affected parties.
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No community is an island of problems, values or solutions. Every community is never bereft of a good and accurate response to one issue or another. This means that no matter how underdeveloped or undeveloped a community is, there is always an issue they are accurately responding to.
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VARIABLES OF CULTURE: Food and Language (II)


Most times, it may not be enough reason that food is responsible for influencing the Culture of a particular community. What food does is open up the Community to accept as many options as possible.
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VARIABLES OF CULTURE: Food and Language (I)


Food is definitely the most rudimentary element of survival for all living things. No one exists without the intake of any kind of food with little or no regards to whether the diet is balanced or not. Like other variables of Culture, food is a psychological response that comes from a physiological need and the act of preparing it in a way that would facilitate its processing and readiness for consumption is Technology.
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There are key elements that the sustainability of a community depends upon. These elements have a huge impact on the development of any community because they are the pillars that hold its existence. One of these elements is CULTURE!

“Culture can simply be defined as the response of a people to issues of life”

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There was once a time when community is all people have as identity, resources and culture. There was a time when community catered for itself because the people that constituted it recognized the beauty and benefits of togetherness and synergy.

But presently, individualism is promoted and community is fast falling apart. Individuals are now forming pseudo communities that will only foster their personal agendas with the communal agenda as mere corporate social responsibilities.
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