Wholesomeness and Effectiveness through Quality Education remains the viable elements for ensuring Development and Productivity. This is who we at StarkHouse!

StarkHouse Nigeria is an Education and Idea based dynamic company dedicated to Design and Administration of Contents and Systems for Personal Development for individuals and Professional Development for Communities and Organizations.

We are established as a household name for grooming individuals and helping organizations have a Clear Direction, Right Attitude and Adequate Capacity for CREATING, EXPRESSING, and SUSTAINING productivity of values. What we see in the end is a Enlightened and Collaborative Society!




Our approach to work is holistic and integrated; so as to provide you with necessary ideas and solutions you require. You will be delighted in receiving our assist for reaching the destination as we offer services in:

Our approach to work is holistic, integrated and dynamic; so as to provide you with necessary ideas and solutions you require. All our works are education-based and culminates to foster Community and Societal Development.

We offer:

 ILLUMINATION: Educational Services

  • Teaching Services/Engagements
  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Textbook Development/Design
  • Education Technology
  • Vocational Training
  • Apprenticeship Services


 ADMINISTRATION: Contents and Systems Development

  • Business Proposal
  • Creative Writing
  • Research and Analysis
  • Idea/Idea Product Development
  • Social/Organizational Engineering
  • Team Dynamics
  • Platform Creation


 EFFICIENCY: Commission Agency

  • Community Development
  • Synergy Forum and Creation
  • Idea/Project Development Execution
  • Educational Management (Schools, Training/Vocational Centres)
  • Consultancy



At StarkHouse, starting from clearly understanding your budget and needs, with reference to the expected result, we work with you all the way to deliver the most appropriate specifications that would serve as solutions that perfectly meet your needs for productivity to be attained.

Our services are customized to each client! We enjoy the uniqueness of each client’s needs and specifications, therefore our uttermost priority is to deliver value that meets clients’ peculiar needs.