Youths have been known for energy, passion, fun, adventure and new frontiers. They are always out for what challenges and motivates them to push boundaries in anticipation of a rewarding experience that is worth their efforts. These have been the hallmark of youth’s activeness in any endeavour either good or bad.

But every society or system needs the energy, passion and the adventurous nature of the youth to keep alive and also to stay relevant in all areas of expression. Most developed countries have succeeded in giving their youths the liberty to explore and create values and experience with their potentials.

In EDUCATION, so many teenagers get bored easily because what they know to do is to listen to instructions of dos and dons without an environment in which they could express what they have learnt in a pragmatic manner. Learning seems so boring to them because it has been structured in manners that drain energy, drown passion, reduce adventure and kill creativity. So they are in the regimented classroom structure to make them feel and function less than they really are.

All they need is the knowledge they could focus their energy and their passion and thereby push the boundary of what has been known or proven. When youth learn, they want to enjoy what they learn and see its practicality or reality. Fun does not mean doing something less and unproductive but putting them to work base on the youthfulness they are dying to explore.

Because of their sense of being limitless or liberal, it is therefore the works of educators and facilitators to guide them so they won’t go out of hands, while exploring and exploiting different kinds of learning and opportunities available to them. Learning becomes boring if learners do not have freedom of expression to a certain degree that could unleash their pure and endless creative potentials.

The only way youth can be engaged in the area of education is if they are the centre of the process – when they know clearly that the Knowledge and Discipline as well as the Liberty given to them are for the purpose of making them and the society better. They need to be inspired to dream individually and collaboratively. Youth are not machines nor are they instruments but entities with individual uniqueness and limitless creative potentials that could change our world.

By giving them Knowledge, Liberty and Discipline, they will be empowered with the tools for life, showing them the limitless possibilities they could explore and make them aware of how well to use these gifts for the purpose of making the society, economy and environment better.

If Youth Education is not structured in a way that would engage them from within to without, the aged would still be expressing the outdated knowledge of how things are done even in this ever dynamic time of creativity and this will result into unavoidable stagnation.


In BUSINESS, youth’s innovation and passion is needed to sustain the cycle of development and value delivery. The disruption that the youth brings is not bad because what it does is to remove the conventional and traditional way of doing things that has become largely unproductive and redundant over time.

To not allow this productive disruption is to disengage the youths from being active within the existing structure that has been built. There would also be a time when the disruption of the recent youth would become the old conventional way that does not bring productivity at its peak. This is a cycle of life that must be embraced and the change is not about the value in itself but most times about the method of value delivery.

It is not enough that the youths are engaged accurately in the area of Education, they must be accurately engaged in the area of Business so as to integrate their findings into the economic system.

Any society defeats itself by teaching its youth to become managers of the old methods instead of the pioneers of the new and more productive methods.

And it is more of a waste if any society raises its youth to be innovative and creative and yet denies them the opportunity to express and master what they have discovered. Many times, this is what leads to creation of new systems that only aim to outshine the existing systems and render them obsolete.

A wise society integrates the youth into its system and allows them to grow in leaps and bounds because as they grow in confidence and capacity, the systems of the society also grow in stature, relevance and dominion.

Allowance for youth’s engagement in corporate and business world is a mutually beneficial process that both parties would not regret to a very large extent. What gives USA the stature, relevance and dominance they have now is because they allow their youths to operate independently in line with some restrictions and regulations. In this case, it is about Opportunity, Liberty and Regulations.

The Opportunity is the admission to work, trade, generate and execute ideas. Liberty is the degree at which they could scale up whatever they do even beyond their shores. Regulations are for making sure they do not have too much power to usurp the government or systems in an unethical manner.

This does not apply to business only but in all aspects of endeavours that deal with work or profession that any youth desires to engage himself in. The best way to make this make happen is to admit them by merit base on aptitude and attitude.


In POLITICS, youths should be engaged based on their capacities to lead together with their capacities to innovate and revitalize the governmental system of serving the people. From time to time, policies must be revisited and rewritten based on the innovations and ideas of the youths. And this is not to say that all ideas should be grafted into the policies but the system should do proper vetting and analysis on how these innovations and ideas would be of help to the society when grafted into the society’s policies of execution.

If a society desires to be progressive, then it must be progressive in its governmental policies also. This is because the systems of things are shifting in standards and requirements and these policies must be rewritten to either maintain the standards or change. Sometimes, the innovation of the youth as regards governance may be to find new ways and ideas on how to keep its integrity. Innovation does not always means succumbing to the tides of change but also means finding ways to stay true to what is done.

And this is where the Culture of a society comes in and this is why it is important that Education has succeeded in engaging the youth in a way that would make them internalize, appreciate and promote the society’s culture. It is the culture that should be the foundation of their disruptions and innovations. It is also a possibility that the Culture of the youth is being changed by Education but this is either catastrophically bad for the ingenious development of the society or abundantly good for the same. It may also be fundamentally wrong to widen the horizon of culture or right. All this would thrive based on the activeness of the youth as regards quality and consistent engagement.

Youth love the idea of dreaming big but it is therefore the society’s responsibility to ensure that they retain these big dreams yet take them through the process of starting small. Leadership Development and Policy Formation are processes and also results of processes. This must be made clear to youth from the stage of formative education. Process must become respected as a culture else they will learn the art of rebellion.

Through Education, they must understand the concept of acquired leadership and the capacity to shoulder responsibilities.

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