STARKHOUSE-CCN Trip: Ajayi Polytechnic


February 14-15, 2018

At StarkHouse, one of the things that excite us is to see vital things or solutions offered to all in a way that everyone can have unhindered access to its use or experience. The prospective partnership between CCN and Ajayi Polytechnic is one of the examples of offering value in the purest form possible and making it available without any barrier whatsoever. The fact that Ajayi Polytechnic is a new and upcoming institution was what fascinated CCN and StarkHouse to extend the hands of collaboration and synergy.

Like we did at Bayero University, Lucia presented during a seminar organized jointly by CCN and Ajayi Polytechnic. Lucia laid emphasis on the ease of use of CCN’s Educational Modules especially in the area where there is good internet reception like Ikere where Ajayi Polytechnic is located. Students could access modules, practice questions, attempt quizzes and even write their exams online with their mobile phone.

Interestingly, the students of the institution gave a very positive feedback about the efficiency and effectiveness of CCN’s Cloud Technology used in delivery quality education. They also expressed the effect it would have if the school adopt the technology.

Based on our assessment at StarkHouse and CCN’s readiness to partner with Ajayi Polytechnic without regards to the imposing barriers, the partnership would be a model example of the revolutionary change that CCN Cloud Technology is poised to offer on all fronts i.e. both small and large scale.

CCN is genuinely living up to its promise to shatter any kind of geographical or cultural barrier – this is why Lucia, the CEO of CCN could travel against all plausible recommendations from Castlewarren in Ireland to Ikere in Ekiti just for the purpose of instituting a synergy that promises to breed value in people, systems and processes.

StarkHouse cannot wait for this synergy to bring forth something great not only for Ajayi Polytechnic but for Ikere, Ekiti and Nigeria as a whole . . .


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