STARKHOUSE-CCN TRIP: Bayero University, Kano

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February 09-11, 2018


One of the things you cannot take away from the northerners is their ability to hold on to value the moment they realize it. This is exactly what happened during our visit to Bayero University Kano. Lucia and OLUWAmuyiwa being the representative of CCN and StarkHouse Nigeria were welcomed with open arms by the administration of the school.

Apart from the cool weather that seemed to suit or soothe Lucia because of the weather condition of Europe – where she was coming from compared to the hotness in Abuja, the reception by our primary host – Professor Audu who happened to be Dara’s (CCN’s Chief Architect) in a college in Boston 40 years ago, the University officials and lecturers were very accommodating and receptive of both CCN’s solutions and representative.

After a brief meeting and introduction between us and Professor Audu, we headed to the office of the Dean of Science, Professor Gummel and he was gracious to welcome us as his honoured guests. As part of the processions of our visit, Lucia headed a facilitation session which introduced CCN’s Solutions and Technologies to the attendants comprising of the Students and Lecturers.

Many Demos and demonstrations were made to the lecturers in emphasis on the benefits of the use of CCN’s Solutions as a means of advancing Education in the most effective way for the learners and lecturers. Lucia further emphasized on the primary focus of CCN – The Students! And as soon as the facilitation was coming to an end, appreciable number of the attendants were beginning to show interest and offered to pilot CCN’s offered Solutions using their Course Modules.

The lecturers were interested because Lucia took her time during the presentation to explain what CCN is offering and how it could boost the outcomes of their endeavours in all dimensions. She also took her time to attend to pressing issues that the lecturers and the students wanted her to shed more light upon.

The next day, Lucia and OLUWAmuyiwa hosted 5 lecturers including Professor Audu and we organized a webinar with Dara who showed them the beauty of CCN’s Technology and Solutions Lucia has taken her time to explain the previous day. The lecturer saw how CCN has designed systems to make the delivery of Education efficient and effective with a good student grades to show for it.

The engagement with Bayero University is a progressive one and it is not a doubt that the success will also take the same direction right from the pilot stage to the large scale of deployment. Bayero University is poised to be an excellent example of what CCN is offering and how successful it would turn out to be for all tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

There are many developmental projects CCN and Bayero University are planning to work on together in the nearest future and they are directed towards increasing the Quality of Education and how it translates to National and Societal Development.

At StarkHouse, we could not but cherish the Value in this Partnership and we are poised to do our best in making the Partnership flourish in anyway we can.



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