February 12, 2018

As bizarre as this may sound, our reason for making a stop at Lagos was largely because of one person by the name Lasisi Abu.

Like StarkHouse, CCN is not only interested in working with organizations and institutions but also works with individuals on developmental projects and ideas that have the potential of becoming a great benefit for both people and organizations.

Abu Lasisi is currently working on an IoT project where the gathering of data will be productively used for analytical, predictive and preventive measures in order to promote specific outcomes and avoid negative occurrences and consequences.

Before Lucia left Nigeria, Dara, the Chief Architect had already received data from Lasisi and worked on it to show the quality of the work CCN does in the field of Research and Development through Wolfram Mathematica. Dara is a Computer Scientist, Physicist and a Mathematician. His keenness in working with Lasisi shows CCN’s unwavering commitment to development without regards to the scale or magnitude of engagement.

CCN is ready to help Lasisi build his idea from the ground up to the level of sustainability and we are proud to have made this introduction between the two entities. CCN is poised to help Lasisi bring his dream of making the world a better place to reality by working with him through the deployment of advanced computational technology.

StarkHouse is always ready and alert to create or form a synergy between people, organizations or between people and organizations.



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