After series of posts about our work with Computational ClassNotes (CCN), it is necessary to provide information as regards how CCN’s Solutions and their Advanced Computational Technology helps in delivering Quality Education.

Brief Intro

CCN takes the use of technology in teaching to a new level. From the professor’s material, CCN produces integrated class notes, practice materials, homework, quizzes and tests. CCN’s computational framework provides unlimited and interactive variations in material, auto grading, live analytic’s and auto uploading to Learning Management System (LMS). The result is reduced cost, decreased dropout rate, increased student success & grades; and more effective use of the professor’s time.


CCN’s Cloud Technology, running in real time, accesses the most up-to-date knowledge and research materials that integrate easily into CCN’s modules. Based on CCN’s mission and vision, the use of Cloud Technology is focused on making access to subject matter available to anyone who wants to learn anywhere, anytime.

Program Features

1. Lecture Notes

CCN transforms your notes to a modern online and accessible format that includes interactive elements to help the student understand the content at a fundamental level. This is done using Artificial Intelligence.


2. Home Work

Students complete auto graded homework that is unique to each student. Each student accesses individually distinct and exclusive questions with unique URLs. This means creating will not only be reduced, it will be eradicated.


3. Quizzes

In-class quizzes offer students unlimited variated questions – no two students answer the same question. In-class quizzes generate live analytics that provide the professor with immediate insight to tailor and customized lectures. This will facilitate students’ independence in tackling questions and problems.

4. Analytics

Professors can obtain, in real time, student results. The analytic s are granular and show live results of student responses. This permits professors to focus on those specific areas where students require more attention. Classes can be refined and customized to meet current student learning outcomes.


5. Tests and final Exams

The fully customized course curriculum generates tests and final exams. Results are saved, auto-graded and automatically uploaded into the LMS


Our work with CCN is simply to introduce this Cloud Based Technology powered by Artificial Intelligence to as many institutions in Africa as possible.



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