STARKHOUSE-CCN TRIP: Skills Outside School Foundation

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February 8, 2018

After much deliberations on how to chart our course of events and visits for the next couple of days, our first stop was Skills Outside School Foundationan organization given to bridging the gap between Formal Education and the Requisite Skills required to put the knowledge acquired to a productive use in the society.

What we learn from SOSF is the high level of organization and articulacy with which the members execute and communicate who they are, what they do and what they stand for.

In many ways, SOSF’s vision aligns with that Loss of Generality  and The DEEP Project Initiative which are the NGO arms of CCN and StarkHouse respectively. So it was an interaction that started and ended on an effortlessly high note with lots of issues left to talk about because of time constraint.

Lucia of CCN was particularly impressed as regards the efficiency and effectiveness of SOSF and also surprised because all the executives are young, passionate and promising individuals. Victor who happens to be the President was a passionate and focused individual and his colleagues equally shared these same qualities with him . . .

There are many agreements made based on the parts where our visions and missions align and presently, LoG is training a young chap by the name Samson how to work with Wolfram Mathematica – a sophisticated and widely used software for advanced computation when learnt and mastered would give learners a set of specialized skills that would make them valuable in the labour market both virtually and in real-time. SOSF and LoG have also agreed on some pilot projects together for the purpose of proffering value to the youths in secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

The main area of collaboration would be the sharing of Qualitative Educational Modules from the archives of CCN for students to understand, learn, retain and master both simple and complex concepts in Mathematics, Physics and other subjects that SOSF would find useful for the students or learners they are reaching out to.

In the end, SOSF and LoG have become valuable partners and StarkHouse is responsible for this valuable synergy that is poised to bring positive change to the People, Process, and even Products as pertaining to sustainable development and technological advancement in Nigeria.

Like it was said in the previous update, the coalition or synergy of SOSF and LoG was a beautiful sight to behold because two organizations from different geographies and cultural backgrounds were charging towards a common cause of advancing Education for the benefit of the Global Community especially to those who do not have primary access.

CCN and LoG are poised on shattering barriers, SOSF is continually bridging the gap and StarkHouse is always ready to connect and synergize entities for the attainment of a greater achievement through a common goal and the realization of enormous potentialities that each entity holds within.



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