STARKHOUSE-CCN Trip: Prikkle Academy


February 17, 2018

CCN’s Trip to Nigeria was concluded on a very inspiring note. Our last stop was at the prestigious Prikkle Academy located at Afon, Kwara state of Nigeria.  Prikkle Academy is an outfit that focuses on grooming of community youths for the purpose of the development of in their community.

Community and Grassroots Development have been one of StarkHouse’s important missions from day-one and we are excited to see an outfit like Prikkle Academy living and expressing the reality we have been concocting in our minds as regards how the future of community youths should be carved by themselves with proper supervision.

Lucia was particularly blown away by the ingenuity of the young minds we met at Prikkle Academy and how they demonstrated this ingenuity in a gracious manner. We are also motivated because of the passion of the Academy Director – Fasoranti Damilola who received us with opened arms like we were family (We became family that very day).

These children were taught to create, form and make values from mundane things that could be categorized as wastes in the urban area.

Because CCN and StarkHouse are both committed to the future that is better for all, we found it compulsory to partner with Prikkle Academy and Dara is currently running a webinar series for some of the officials of the Academy as regards learning Wolfram Mathematica.

According to Lucia, there are still many things to do with Prikkle Academy especially as it pertains to the future of the children trying so hard and relentlessly to express their creativity without seeing their location as a barrier.

The collaboration between StarkHouse and CCN is more about the Future of Education and Development of a Nation like Nigeria. And what Prikkle Academy is doing is more like the indispensable foundation that should be laid unavoidably if the development we are hoping and working for needs to sustained.



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