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February 07, 2018

It is always a beautiful sight when two entities from different geographical and cultural background with different orientation to life could find a common ground and exploit it for the common good of both people and organizations. It brings about productiveness that transcend all barriers if the parties involved do their best. What attracted us to CCN is the willingness to adapt their solutions to the Culture of any location and the readiness to collaborate with small, medium and big entities for the purpose of shared success and sustainable development.

This is the basis of working relationship between StarkHouse Nigeria and Computational ClassNotes (CCN) which is based in Ireland. And it all started from a shared interest of delivering Quality and Relevant Education as a means of proffering sustainable and tangible value to the global community.

CCN is an organization dedicated to the advancement of Education through Advance Computational Technology. They have proved to be successful in their operations in Ireland, Canada, USA, Palestine, Kuwait and they have a very keen interest in extending their reach to Africa with Nigeria being the reference point.

After series of conversations and exchange of mails with Lucia, the CEO and Dara, the Chief Architect, we saw a possibility of collaboration based on the quality of CCN’s work and the effort put into making it available and accessible to everyone. The major reason for partnering with CCN was to collaborate with Tertiary Institutions in order to improve the current educational system and partner with NGOs through the NGO arm of CCN – Loss of Generality (LoG).

As time went by, after series of transactions that built trust between us, we both consented that CCN’s visit to Nigeria would be a needed development in order to kick start a revolutionary phase in Nigeria’s educational system.

At StarkHouse, our responsibility was to create and form an initial synergy between CCN and prospective institutions before the actual visit. This we did from September, 2017 until the end of January, 2018. On the 7th of February, 2018, Lucia arrived in Abuja and the journey began.

Lucia Valente, the CEO of CCN and OLUWAmuyiwa, the Team Lead of StarkHouse met briefly after Lucia’s arrival and planned for the next couple of travels and meetings.



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