Each community is known for its peculiarity in either the negative or positive perspective but the amazing thing is that somehow, all communities can complement each other in a wholesome and productive manner.

That a community has a peculiar solution or response that it should share means that it also has a peculiar problem it is trying hard to solve.

In the end, what is achieved by sharing problems and solutions together is universality i.e. each community arriving at the same point of convergence where equality and equity are natural phenomena.

Universality in Culture must start from the community level before the communities begin to align with each other and form a systemic set of communities which is a state and ultimately a nation . . . nations also can be united towards a particular standard in view.

It is however sad that many proclaimed and celebrated standards are not standards that are formed based on the good will of all. They are more of standards determined by some dominant countries who desire for things to go their own way. They are willing to enforce their responses to issues but will not accept other community’s responses that are more genuine than theirs.

The Standard has not yet been known or realized and if so, little or nothing has been done as regards enforcement and propagation. This Standard is the yardstick for communities to be untied as ONE under the sun because individual communities would have lost their individual shine and collectively shine as ONE Great and Glorious Community.



T|I|F: @starkhouseng

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