The word disruption sounds like a mean word and the reason is because it is attributed to those who do things without the thought of being orderly and how the disorderliness affects people. There can always be a radical change in the way things are done but that does not suggest that it must be done callously without giving consideration to possibly affected parties.

Disruption must be focused on bypassing unneeded ways of accomplishing things for the good of all.

Disruption in an ethical manner must be carried out for the purpose of putting an end to traditional inefficient means of doing things. It must terminate the processes that have outlived their usefulness or re-purpose them innovatively in other areas.

Disruption always seems cruel to some people because of lack of innovation and self development however, it is ethical to provide means for other lagging behind to catch up with the new process. When a disruptive means of doing things or responding to issues emerges, a concise educational initiative in bringing people to speed must be established. The problem in this present age is that people like to keep others in the dark for as long as they want to establish their relevance. This is not unlawful but it is definitely unethical.

What makes a disruptive idea loses credibility is simply because its pioneers are not ethical enough and open enough to institute a learning arm that opens people to the possibilities and opportunities that the disruptive system brings. Doing this innovatively makes the disruptors credible, trustworthy and therefore relevant among clients and contemporaries.

Education based disruption does more for both the disruptor and the clients in the long run for a very long time. This is because the boundary of disruption will continue to expand from time to time because people are exposed to its possibilities and areas of improvement and innovations.

An ethical disruptor who does things in manners that will benefit all is the True Culture Revolutionist! He is a radical change agent that does his best from keeping people from responding to issues in an unproductive manner. If people realize that the priority of disruption is to change the community for the better and not primarily a means to money, fame and even relevance, then the community will truly change for the better.

True disruption always addresses a particular and pressing need or issue and it addresses it permanently while it also addresses some other issue for other subsequent disruptions. Truly, no disruption is absolutely permanent; it is either subject to replacement or constant innovation. Many times, continuous innovations evolve to facilitate replacement.

Any disruption that focuses in edging people out deliberately by means of competition is a sign of unhealthy psychology of a community. In retrospect, a competitive and unethical disruption takes a negative toll on the community psychology even when they are not aware or refuse to acknowledge.

The dominance in the community should be over the pressing needs that must be addressed productively and not over the people trying to subscribe to the technology that addresses it in that manner.




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