The growth of a community hinges on how it is able to extend what is within the people that made it up to other elements of the community in order to foster a more productive and sustainable means of responding to issues.

“Psychology deals with the logic of the community in the primary and primitive sense while Technology deals with the logic of how to further establish and solidify the establishment of the psychological responses with elements available within the community.”

Technology is not necessarily gadget but a means of doing things faster, easier, more efficiently and more effectively. It is more of the transfer of the mind’s thinking to another element that can be programmed to act based on the finished thoughts. It is more of giving the systems the responsibility of action after a series of refined and redefined thoughts.

Psychology comes as a matter of necessity and many times, as means to survival but Technology comes as a need for multiplication, control and utter dominance over an issue. Also, Technology addresses the same issue in a more predefined and precise manner.

The answers to the questions of who, what, why, how, where and when comes before coming up with the Technology that will increase the effectiveness of a Culture. The “who” is already an answered question unless another community’s problem is the object of response. But more importantly, it is the why and how that serves as the umpire of Innovation and Technology. Without answering these questions, the purpose of Technology may be defeated and another pattern of thinking may be formed which will be an adulterated version of the true response.

“Technology however can be used to promote the psychology of a community to another community. It is a Culture Drive or Cultural Vehicle.”

Technology promotes Psychology by asserting dominance and control over a particular issue and sharing with other communities that have not demonstrated dominance and control over the same issue. So, when a community accepts the Technology of another, Psychology is mostly about to change or be re-configured to the bringer of the Technology.

But a community that is independent in its perception, thoughts and actions will be successful in adapting the technology of another community by using their yardstick to re-imagine the technology. So depending on the strength of the community’s Psychology, Technology would either change or tweak it if it weak or promote it if is strong.

When a Culture or an Idea is sold to a community by another, it creates a mental dominance on the part of the bringer and dependence on the part of the receiver. Also, when a product or Technology is sold to a community by another, it creates a wealth transfer process but the bringer benefits more than the receiver. But a sustainable community may adopt a Technology or Culture but their dependence decreases from time to time through the consciousness of who, what, why, and how.

“When the buyer of a Technology is psychologically stable and strong, innovation is always bound to happen and with time, the buyer becomes technologically independent.”



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