VARIABLES OF CULTURE: Food and Language (I)


Food is definitely the most rudimentary element of survival for all living things. No one exists without the intake of any kind of food with little or no regards to whether the diet is balanced or not. Like other variables of Culture, food is a psychological response that comes from a physiological need and the act of preparing it in a way that would facilitate its processing and readiness for consumption is Technology.

“Since most of the communities have something to eat as food, how does Culture get influenced by food? If a community’s location puts it in the disadvantage when it comes to availability of food, how does the community tackle it?”

One of the ways by which Culture is influenced through food is by appetite i.e. eating food for satisfaction and pleasure. Responding to a community’s pleasure keeps the community glued to the producers. Although the community may be very appreciative to the producers’ offer of satisfaction and pleasure, this is not ideal for the sustainability of a community.

The need for satisfaction and pleasure is psychological but the response is more of technological innovation. So when a community perhaps by chance or happenstance come across a product or some form of food that appeals to their satisfaction or pleasure, the first thing to note is the availability of its raw materials within the community and the needed technology to turn the raw material into a product.

It is also a psychological response to choose to go for any technological product if it does not do anything other than appeal to the community’s craving. Pleasure has a way of luring a community away from what matters. Even when pleasure is to be indulged, it must be on the community’s terms and through an indigenous Technology developed by the community members.

Community’s craving when it comes to food opens it to an influx of what the community does not primarily focus on. When a community’s pleasure is attended to especially through food, it facilitates the acceptance of the Culture of the community the producers come from.

When a community subscribes to eating for pleasure more than eating for strength and vitality, it loses more of his raw materials just to satisfy pleasure by giving these resources out to the producers while the producers give the raw materials back to them in a refined form. So the value they get out of their resources will be greatly reduced because they are not psychologically disciplined to spend time on thinking as the bridge between perception and actions.

“Sometimes psychological decisions are mostly all that a community needs to stay relevant among other communities and staying in the Psychological stage of Culture does not mean backwardness but a process of thinking on the most productive technology to deploy.”



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