There are key elements that the sustainability of a community depends upon. These elements have a huge impact on the development of any community because they are the pillars that hold its existence. One of these elements is CULTURE!

“Culture can simply be defined as the response of a people to issues of life”

From the definition, it shows that the development and growth of a community depend on its response to issues that are either internal or external. Internal being that these issues brewed from interactions and relationships between members of the community and the environment they live in; and external in the sense that no community exists as an island in all sense. The activities of a community will always affect the procession of another community whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Unlike most people think or believe, Culture is not in any way absolute. That a society of people chooses to respond to issues in a particular manner does not mean the response is the right or the most productive response to the particular.

Therefore, Culture is meant to be as dynamic as it is meant to be integrative; it must address the community as a single system.

Also, that a community responds to an issue and address it permanently does not mean that the response is the best response. There are parameters needed to be measured in terms of what is done to address the issue. It is this understanding that will make a culture evolve and stay relevant over time.

This means that a community does not have to be seen as inferior for adopting another community’s culture. What makes the community inferior is the inability to evolve the adopted culture to fit the specific and genuine needs of its own system of things. The Culture must be innovatively adopted and re-engineered or tailored to suit the community.

In one way or another, every community has responded to one or more issues in a way that is better and more productive than other communities around it. No community has an absolute accurate response to issues of life . . . there will always be a falling short in one area or another and this is why no community is entitled to dominate other communities because they believe their responses to issues are the only accurate ones.

The sustainability of Culture is dependent on the ability of the community to pass it down to the next generation with the consciousness of re-evaluation and innovation for the overall good of the community as a whole.



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