Before there is a definite response to an issue, there must be a perception i.e. how the community views the issue. Is the issue perceived as an advantage or disadvantage? Seeing it as a advantage should generate series of thoughts that are different from seeing from the perspective of a disadvantage.

It is the perception of the issue that will determine the direction of thoughts on how to harmlessly harness the advantages or tackle the disadvantages. Either way, both responses are expected to bring about positive outcomes that will benefit the community as a whole. By thinking critically and systematically, the community comes up with series of possible scenarios of actions needed to be taken to address the issue.

It is on this rigorous process of critical and systematic thinking that decisions on actions to be taken will be established. It is the action that will tangibly address the issue in a productive or unproductive manner based on the quality and rightness of action. This is the psycho-logic of the community i.e. the mind of the community.

Each community has its own logic when it comes to addressing issues. The logic behind the community’s actions will tell what kind of result the community will produce. So if the logic behind the action of a community is wrong, the resultant effect of the actions taken will also be wrong although some parties may benefit from unintended results.

Also, before a community’s problem can be solved, the psychology of the community must be taken into account. The problem must either be addressed for the purpose of conforming to the community or educating it based on a change in perspective and response.

“Therefore, the psychology of culture refers to the perception, thoughts and primary or primitive actions of a community towards a particular issue.”

As time goes by, perceptions and thoughts may not be necessary because the response must have become a statutory from one generation to another thereby creating more like a doctrine or tradition in the community. The particular response that has become statutory should not remain rigid with time. It must be subjected to innovation and change especially in terms of methods of application or delivery in the community.

Developing or developed communities are not stagnant in their mindset especially when the dynamics of things are changing. They shift their psycho-logic i.e. their mindset continually based on how to conform their responses to the ever dynamic Economical, Environmental, and Educational requirement of the society without losing the integrity of their responses. From time to time, they review the logic behind their perceptions, thoughts and actions so as to get better and much better in responding to issues productively.

So any entity or community trying to change the response to an issue must start from shifting or creating a new perception that will facilitate a new pathway of thoughts and actions.

“It is noteworthy that no matter how crude or “uncivilized” a community is, it already has a predefined perception, thoughts, and actions towards a particular issue of life”



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