The Synergy Company

Do we need to spend so much on engagement while many people could come together and help each other out in each’s individual visions and projects?
Is it not a truth that we exponentially achieveĀ  more when we work together in unison or unity?

The idea of The Synergy Company of Forum has been a major focus of StarkHouse Nigeria and it is mainly for the purpose of reducing cost of engagement, increasing the efficiency and productivity of individuals involved. It is a disruptive idea of how small firms can be run together as a bigger and more efficient ONE.

This company would be made up of kernel members based on the number of small firms that are trying to work together as ONE. The dynamics is that each firm must compliment others to a very noticeable and workable extent.

Each of the Kernel members of the company must be a leader of one firm and function less in the remaining. This means everyone is a leader and a learner or follower. Apart from being a company, this is also a Learning/Educational Platform and the idea is that each kernel member gets acquainted and learn considerable well about other ventures he is not skilled in.

The idea is focused towards Human Capital Investment and development that would automatically give rise to sheer Economic Development; towards developing people who are holistic in approach and executions thereby facilitating wholesomeness in getting results.

Just like six dice, each of them with six faces, each die has the potentiality to turn out to produce six when thrown even though the probability of each potentiality is one-sixth. And beyond being a die, each kernel member has the potentiality to turn all the faces to produce six when thrown.

Although this idea can be adopted by anyone, young start-ups ran by young, promising and value-oriented individuals are the best bet for exploring limitless possibilities.



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