There was once a time when community is all people have as identity, resources and culture. There was a time when community catered for itself because the people that constituted it recognized the beauty and benefits of togetherness and synergy.

But presently, individualism is promoted and community is fast falling apart. Individuals are now forming pseudo communities that will only foster their personal agendas with the communal agenda as mere corporate social responsibilities.

The success and megalomanialism of the powerful and the influential is because communities that are meant to be united have been divided and ultimately conquered from within. Ironically, they have also been united afterwards under umbrella of individuals who have found a common ground for people as a means of forming divisive communities.  

This approach has even caused more divide in that there are multiplicity of opportunities and perspectives that have not only divided communities but have also been successful in tearing them apart. Individual communalism has done more divide than any incident even though people do not notice and has been militating against the natural sense of communalism.

The global system is meant to function as a conglomeration of local sustainable communities. Now in the bid to be known globally:

  1. Many are disconnecting themselves from where they belong and get connected to where they want to belong;
  2. Few people are primarily leaving where they belong to where they want to belong;
  3. Very few are trying to stay and make where they belong become the place they want to belong.

Many people’s aspirations seem to always find expression outside the community they belong. Some promised to come and give back but they never did. This is simply because popular opinion says that opportunities are locked in one part that has been tagged as a perfect place. But this perfect place does not have the natural and untapped potentials and resources the communities have. So they come and ravage the communities in order to fortify the perfect one. What an irony! And if you take a critical look at the communities that are said to be unreached, desolate and underserved, they lack:

Community Technology i.e. they do not have adequate tools and machinery as well as devices and technological systems to improve the way and the manner of their community operations and works. They are still carrying out their daily works and operations as crude as possible. Innovations and development is not at their reach. Even when intervention programmes are set up to help them, sustainability does not always stand out as a priority. Almost all innovations in the community as few as they are, are exported to the cities where individualism is killing people’s sense of communalism every second. Any innovation made has become a means of self subsistency and not for community development.

Community Health i.e. adequate of healthcare services for community members especially the children who are the future of the community. This has led to high mortality rate due to illness that can be easily averted. This is particular to rural communities. Many community infants die before age of six months because of lack of accessibility to healthcare services. Some community members travel as much as 12 miles before getting to a nearest medical health centre. Although people in communities are said to be stronger and more agile, they are always at the several health issues that could be killing them gradually with no identifiable symptoms.

Community Education i.e. it involves learning and social development with individuals and groups in the community using a range of formal and informal educational methods. Unfortunately, community education is almost dead thereby hindering the development of the capacities of individuals and the improvement of their quality of life. Educational system in many communities are failing because there are no structures in place to combine the handy skills they are familiar with, with the formal education that would give them the capacity to innovate on what they know to do. So to build the community would be hard because they are not exposed to the potentials around them. And the kinds of education given to the children are the ones that make them clamour for a life outside their environment without showing them the beauty in it.

If these three elements are present in a society or community, productivity cum sustainability would be the default result and setting. The most basic of these elements is Education. Through education, communities can be enlighten and trained to be problem-solvers without the help of any “external support.”

  1. People should come together and be the solutions to the problems in their respective communities.
  2. If we break these problems into subordinate problems that each member (being an expert) of the community take a lead in solving each subordinate problem with others taking clue from him on how to support.
  3. Then these subordinate problems can be transformed into subordinate solutions and can be put back together to form a big solution from what was once a big problem.
  4. Based on the problems to be solved, a leader in solving a subordinate problem might be the least in solving another related subordinate problem.
  5. We are the solutions to our own problems only if we come together under a Corporate Philosophy.


Olumuyiwa Omole

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