In Africa, subsistence has been many people’s pursuit and attainment; may be because of high rise in poverty which is a result of bad choices and governance. but the irony is that poverty, problems, difficulties or lack of resources should be motivators for thinking prosperously, solving problems and making life easier in the same order. it is true that solution of a problem lies in the core of it.

Unfortunately, Africa seems to be getting things all wrong and wobbled. poverty, problems and difficulties seem to be weighing down on us the more. According to the theory of solutions, one can deduced that the real problem is not the problems Africa is facing but the response of Africa to issues. Africa is not battling poverty of resources but poverty of personality and orientation to life.This means there is something Africa is doing so wrongly that no amount of exorbitant resources can eradicate her poverty.

Simply put, Africa tend to react to situations rather than respond to it in a precise and concise manner . . . and this has made her culture a reactionary one instead of a responsive one. Africa tends to give opposite countermeasures instead of meting out measures that would productively address issues in a ore holistic manner, thereby solving a problem from its root rather than cutting the stems and branches. The immediate example is African’s reaction to being broke. Many do not on the reason for being broke when they they are finally “boxed up”; they only worry on the immediate pressing needs that are results of the root of what made them broke in the first place.

Many Africans are always scared or finding it hard to venture into what I refer to as Critical Investment – which is the investment you make on yourself, others, businesses and systems even while there are temporary pressing needs that can still wait and cannot any detrimental effect while being sidelined.

when a man is hungry and eventually has resources, he forgets about everything and focuses on the hunger alone till he expends the resources at hand and continues the hunger cycle again. Critical Investment is done when the hungry man is able to see past the hunger and try to use the little resources to put a stop to hunger permanently. When resources is given or acquired, many Africans see it as consumables rather than investment elements that would later yield more resources in the nearest of farther future.

Until individuals sacrifice their desire to be full with food and instant pleasures by focusing on the critical need that gives rise to the immediate pressing needs and proffering lasting solutions, the cycle of poverty can never be broken. The dynamics of problem solving and success hangs on the ability to craft out responsive solutions to problems even in hunger.



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