REACHING OUT: Demography | Psychography | Technography

I share the belief that every individual on earth has the capacity to do and has a specific task to carry out on earth . . . this is why education and profession are so important if we really want to make impact in life.

The right in its own right is a system. This means that if productivity is to be assured, there must be a systematic and orderly ways things should be done and this applies to every man ready to make impact according to design.

Although we are all individuals and there should be no respecter of persons, our lives are interwoven, intertwined and interconnected i.e. whatever we do affects others whether we are aware or not. And owing to the systematic characteristics of this earth, each man is meant to systematically reach out to those s/he is meant to affect apart from those who are readily or primarily attached to him/her. And to do this effectively, there three elements s/he must master carefully for a successful execution.



This is the study of human population and its characteristics such as size, growth, distribution, density would make the person realize that the people he is meant to reach may or may not be clustered in one location but spread across different countries of diverse cultural inclinations.

This knowledge and understanding would give him the idea of how far he needs to move (speed being the rate of taking actions). The profession of any one is local as well as global; it is specific in global context and generic when the recipients are grouped together.

Demography takes care of knowing the people to be reached. It is always good to start locally because there are countless number of people engaging themselves in the same thing you are doing . . . unless your expertise is direly needed, stay and be fruitful where you are!



It is one thing to know “who” to reach out to and another to know “how” to reach out to the people that are supposed to be recipients of the offered services. Whether they come or they are approached, there must be a carefully thought out ways to communicate value to them in order to assure a productive result. This is where psychography comes in.

Psychography is the study and further classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations and other psychological criteria or preferences that would help to know “why” the recipients want/need what is to be offered so that “how” to offer it may be known and understood in order to avoid miscommunication.

This increases the level of specificity by the reason of preferences and mindset. “WHY” is the personal question we need to ask the recipients just as “HOW” is the personal questioning the service providers need to ask themselves.

Productivity and quality is always ensured when psychography is duly applied to any effort to reach out to people. This tells about their personal interest, preferred activity and shared opinion of things and even the services and products they need.

Demography and psychography together would paint the picture of the persona of the people we are meant to reach out to. It would suggest a lot of things that would affect the nature of the solution we are trying to proffer. This is where technography comes in . . .



This is the study of the level of technology of the people and their quality of participation with reference to the knowledge of demography and psychography. This is needed so as to know what is required to be able to reach out and meet the needs of the people.

This also has to do with the level of technological advancements of each person and also the level of skillfulness needed in creating the needed solution. The knowledge of demography and psychography should readily suggest the technographical features that are involved. Sometimes, if not all the time, technography is part of the created solution that should be proffered if the solution is geared towards sustainability.

There is one unique characteristics that must be noted and it is that the quality of your service or product would later make the service providers bypass the process of these three elements. Even more, more people would seek you out if your service is genuine, qualitative and generic all together. And this is where your reaching out would be focused on recruiting people to meet up with the demands of the people you are trying to reach in the first place.

So the three elements that would make sure your three endeavours are not in vain are:

Genuineness | Quality | Genericity

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